Modern brass cases for early external primed cartridge arms

a friend of mine presented me these “cases” .They are factory turned from solid brass and have a small flash hole.I think they could be a sort of “fire devices” for some muzzleloader rifle

from left to right:

lenght 61.52 mm 42.01 mm 36.28 mm
neck diam 12.50 mm 14.75 mm 14.81 mm
base diam 12.59 mm 15.43 mm 15.43 mm
inside neck diam 8.64 mm 10.81 mm 12.33 mm
marks on the body U 517 451 U 517 54B U 517 54A

I know almost nothing about these items and their marks


Looks like newly produced loading cases for paper cartridge guns. I new them from replica Gallagher, Smith and Sharps rifles or carbines. These guns where ignited by percussion caps and the spark ignite the powder through this small holes. The powder was filled into the brass cases and a ball or bullet was popped on it. The "Cartridge"was loaded instead of the paper cartrifges.

Any idea about the maker?Apparently no italian maker sells these devices ( pedersoli,uberti,pietta,palmetto)

I think that the short ones could be for the smith and the gallager replicas,but I can’t find a breech loading rifle with a chamber long as the “case” on the left

french 11mm Chassepot needle fire gun

If the long case is intended for chassepot replicas they had to modify the original firing system since the chassepot cartridge had a cap on the bottom.

I also think that the chambers of these replicas are very different than the original ones,since the brass case has to remain inside the chamber.
Due to their thick walls these “devices” should be easy to extract from the chamber after being fired