Modern caseless ammo for small arms


Here are some pictures and links related to modern caseless cartridges.

Well known cartridges from AAI basing on DAG technologies (by ACR rules USA got know-how from German developers). Caseless telescoped cartridges for AMMG program.

Program is under development and their main task is to increase even more temperature resistance. To reduce risks program is going on two ways


40mm METALSTORM ammo and a sample delivery platform. The big weakness in the Metalstorm system is RELOADING. Their assault rifle doesn’t even use their technology for the main ammunition, just for the grenade launcher. They use the standard 5.56 ammo. Reloading ammo a stick at a time has always been a problem .It has been and still is AWKWARD.The BILLINGHURST comes to mind .You had better get them the first pass before you have to reload. Also, electronic ammunition is EXPENSIVE , prone to failure from manufacturing and handling errors and damage and sensitive to weather.

Modern adhesive propellant caseless ammunition is as much a waste of time as it has always been. Like the fountain of youth something to search for. Directed enegy weapons are already in the field tests and may render all small arms ammo obsolete.

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Really interesting material, Yuri - especially the current development items.

Thanks for sharing.