MODERN, efficient software for collection databases

As the title states, I’m looking for an up-to-date, easy to use software which features both a list in closable folders, and the option to show photos besides the list (photo of selected round).

There are absolutely no modern programs I can find which are not €1499 1997-esque, clumsy software.

What do you use?

  • Ole

Hi Ole

I use a very simple and cheep German software that can show data and pictures. The name is : GS-Patronenvervaltungen 2


I know of one called MSELECT. If you go to the IAA home page and on the lower right you will see a link “Links to related sites”. Click this and then scroll down the list to MSELECT and click on that. You can check it out there and see what you think.


I use what is probably a mostly unknown, but very simple and satisfactory program called “Data Tracker” by Data Village. Data Village makes a whole bunch of different themed version of this program, such as “Data Tracker for Coins”, “Data Tracker for Stamps”, etc…, whereas the one I purchased (for $30 ?) was called Data Tracker for Arms. It just means that the default name for some of the fields in the description tab are preset to be relevant to the target collection type. The fields are all user-definable, and you can change them to anything you want. I updated them to all be relevant to cartridge collecting, as well as changing all of the 30 different fields for the “Features” tab. It allows 6 images to be uploaded per item, and an unlimited number of total items can be added to the collection. The software can generate & print reports of various type, publish to web, has a searchable database, and all of the other basic functions one would want. The user can also sort the records according to any of the 20 description fields, or any of the 30 “features”. So you can organize & report based on caliber, manufacturer, country of origin, era, or whatever field you want. It has an “album view” feature, where you can sort through all of the photos. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is used to older style software, or anyone who is skeptical of computers in general, because is it very simple to use.