Modern Holland & Holland cartridge boards

Here are a couple of cartridge boards on display at the Holland & Holland shooting grounds, a few miles from where I live.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the photos to come out very well as they were behind glass. These are the best quality photos I got. The circles in the centre say “HOLLAND & HOLLAND” in gold writing.

They also had these cufflinks for sale, complete with “HOLLAND & HOLLAND” headstamps!


To photograph through glass, try standing a little to the side so that the flash bounces off, over your shoulder, not into the camera lens.


gee only 135 quid? cheap at half the price Koff, Koff

135 £ = $220.96 US

Still Santa if your listening, & I’ve been a good boy…

Adding as I’d never heard of Ruthenium I Goggled it & among other things found a sale/trade price of 57.00 USD/oz. So if these weight 2 oz for the pair it would mean H&H made them for about $106, which would include their profit.

Couldn’t find anything on how easy or hard the metal is to work.