Modern Japanese ammunition boxes / cans

I came across these images in the internet and somhow have the impression these could be blank containers which were marked later for sale to reenactors or so.
The yellow markings are just too new but maybe I am misslead.
Anybody who can tell more?

The boxes are in like-new condition, the markings might be original. Is there any “reenactor” world in Japan that would create a market for “fake” ammo cans???

Well, Japan surprised me more than once!

They have a huge air soft community if I got it right. So gear might be for this as well.

The top box is definately corroded and the markings are way too good in comparison.

Top box appears to be new paint over the original (painted over) markings. Also, all but one is either stamped or stenciled using stick on positive stencils and transfer tape.

Briant, thanks! So these are all self made right?

I assume this is a legit and genuine box.

7.62x63_API_M14_tracer_M25_US made ammunition_Japan

Source: internet.

Probably yes, but we could use the help form a collector in Japan to be more certain.

式=type,普通弹=normal rounds徹甲烧夷弹=AP I,曳光弹=tracer。100発=100 rounds 2連=2belt

EOD, you are right.
These are not the real thing and these were made by my Twitter follower.
And have painted JSDF-style on American-made boxes.
However, the one below with the “A209” stamp is the real thing, and it was given by the US military and reused by the JSDF.
It is hard to see, but you can see the repainted marks.
TW is Twin Cities Ordnance Plant.

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Pigeon, thank you for confirming!
Yes, the A209 is what I also considered to be legitimate.

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