Modern Sellier & Bellot "SB" Headstamp

Does anyone know who is the customer of modern Sellier & Bellot cartridges headstamped “SB” and date?

Fede - do you have a picture of the headstamp?

John M.

The English military is one…‘pick ups’ from SPTA.


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John, here is the picture:


Tony, nice box, thanks for sharing. However, please note that I’m looking for information on S&B cartridges headstamped just “SB”.



Fede, just to make sure. This image was not digitally rendered?

Alex, no, it is a real headstamp.

Fede, do you remember those S&B / RUAG 9x19:

Fede - the last box of S&B Commercial 9 mm Para rounds I purchased had this same headstamp, but with a later date. In the 2015 (“15”) date, I have four cartridge variations, all in the bullet type. They include a FMJ RN, a SP RN, a HP Round nose, and a truncated, brass-jacket flat point.

I have no doubt that this style headstamp could have been supplied on various contracts, but for the last few years, it seems to be one of S&B’s myriad of commercial headstamps.

The box I am talking about is one of the current ones, basically black, and with about a Jillion (:-) ) renditions of the usual commercially required warnings in just about every language of Europe.

John Moss

John, thanks for the information. I have seen this “SB” headstamp in the “old” red/green/white boxes as well.



Fede - it doesn’t surprise me. Most of my older S&B boxes are empty, as I got them that way out of Europe in an assortment I would never find in the USA. However, as I mentioned, I have this headstamp on several different loadings dated from 1915, and I don’t believe the black boxes existed then.