Modern Soviet and Eastern European Ammo Books?

I would like to know the best title or titles of books/periodicals regarding modern Soviet, East Block and former Soviet, East Block small arms ammo. Anything which would explain the head-stamps, dates, color codes, etc.

Is there one source for this information - or a collection of sources?

Thank you.

Book :
Munitions Sovi

Recent sales brochures and catalogs have been great in detail, although somewhat lacking when it comes to headstamps. The big caliber stuff is hard to come by at say SHOT Show, but its very easy to get at the military trade shows.

In the about last three years Russia is going back to its cold war behaviour regarding information on it’s arms. Means sales catalogs and brochures do not have the correct Russian designations anymore. They just use terms like “9x19 AP hard core” etc.

That’s provided you can get into the military trade shows, which are very often closed to the public.

In recent EUROSATORY shows the Russians hardly have shown any bore launched ammo.

Thank you for the suggestions regarding Russian/Soviet ammo.

Are there any suggestions for publications about other Easter European ammo - such as made in Romania, Hungary, Poland, E. Germany, etc?

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