Modern United States Cartridge Company


There is a .45 Auto-caliber cartridge with headstamp “USCCO 07” which was made by the United States Cartridge Company, of Houston, Texas, USA. The current United States Fire Arms Manufacturing Company’s on-line catalog shows that this Hartford, Connecticut firm now offers ammunition under the name “United States Cartridge Co., A Division of U.S. Fire Arms Co, Hartford, Connecticut” with the added note “Made in USA.” They also offer other calibers that seem to be geared to those with Colt Single Actions and other older revolvers, including .32 New Police, .41 New Police, .38-40 WCF, .357 Magnum, .32-20 WCF, .38 Special, .44 Russian, .44 Special, .44-40, .45 Schofield, .45 Colt, .45 Auto (2 loadings)and .22 LR (2 loadings). One of the .45 Auto loads is standard 230 grain hard ball, and the other is a 200 grain SWC-Lead bullet loading. The latter, along with some of the more modern calibers, appear to be geared to Cowboy Action Shooting, which now encompasses a Wild Bunch Match where Colt/Browning-Type .45 autos are used. The name “Colt” is conspicuously absent from the “New Police” loads, probably since it appears there is no love lost between Colt and USFA.

This brings up several questions:

Does anyone know what headstamp they are using? From the calibers, it is a good bet Starline is selling the brass for them, but with what headstamp?

Does USFA now own the Texas firm US Cartridge Company? If so, is it now in Connecticut or still in Texas?

Is this US Cartridge Company the same company as the Texas company at all?

Boxes by the way are very similar to some old, original U.S.C.Co. boxes - very old-fashion in style, with circled “US” as the brand shown on the top label.

Any information on this arrangement, including history of the Texas company, would be appreciated. While we knew about the .45 Production in Texas, and have a cartridge sample in the collection, the information about USFA’s involvement with this onld brand name was found only today, on their website while searching for some gun information for another inquiry at hand.


Hi John:
I have been researching the same thing. I am awaiting contact from the two companies on the headstamps and such. The two things I can share is that the two companies are nor related.The one in Texas is owned by High standard. Their only current ammunition is in 6x45 caliber.
The company in Hartford has been in business for 16 years now but only recently got in the ammo game. below from the trademark office.

On Saturday, September 27, 2008, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for UNITED STATES CARTRIDGE COMPANY. This trademark is owned by United States Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Inc., Hartford, CT 061143211. The USPTO has given the UNITED STATES CARTRIDGE COMPANY trademark serial number of 77580407. The current federal status of this trademark filing is ABANDONED-FAILURE TO RESPOND OR LATE RESPONSE.


Thanks for that information. I am not totally clear on the note about the trademark registration.
Is it an indication that USFA Co abandoned the Trademark shortly after requesting ownership of it, or is it the Texas outfit, or are the talking about the original United States Cartridge Company?


Cartridgecorner - your answer led me to a little more information. You are correct that the website currently up for High Standard shows that “US Cartridge” (the only way the company name now appears in their catalog) still seems to be in business, but only making two loadings of the 6 x 45 mm cartridge, an a 90 grain FMJ BT and an 80 grain PLHP (evidently a Remington bullet).

As of some information from June 10th, via internet, that I found in my files, as of June 10, 2009, they were offering .30 Carbine, 9 mm Para, .45 ACP, 5.56 mm M193, 5.56 mm M855, and 12 gauge 00 Buck. They were then part of Crusader Gun Company, Inc. which also was the High Standard Manufacturing Company.

High Standard is still at the Houston address, and it is from their online information that I got the current “US Cartridge” information, so as of the posting of that particular information on their website, they were still joined. I did not notice the name “Crusader Gun Company” used anymore, but that was not the subject of my interest, so I could have missed it.

I am not sure this information is particularly useful, as it still doesn’t answer the question of who owns the right to the name “United States Cartridge Company,” although there is a hint in the way it is used by the Houston, Texas firm now, mentioning it only as “US Cartridge,” that the full name may now be the property of USFA.

This business just gets more and more complicated. You can’t always tell the players even WITH a program anymore.


Hi John:
The only thing I could find out through the trademark office is that the CT officed file for and received the right to use the name “United States Cartridge Company” as of 2008 and have it trademarked as owned by them. No other info at this point yet. The alst line of the trademark blurb was just some mimbo jimbo on their forms, there was a lot of that after the statement.I will email when I get more my friend.


John, I dug out the info on USCCO in Houston. As I mentioned, it is basically High Standard Manuf Co of Houston. You have already found the website ( The address is:
High Standard Mfg Inc, Global Export Inc
5200 Mitchelldale Street
Houston, TX 77092-7206 map
Phone:(713) 462-4200

It is owned by Alan Aronstein, who is a collector of High Standard weapons. I spoke with him a couple of years ago and he had the 45 ACP with the USCCO 07 headstamp made by Armscorp. My interest was that I was told the headstamp occured on 9x19mm which it does not. Alan promised to send me a couple of boxes of the ammo, but it never showed up. Alan told me he had bought the rights to the USCCO name some years before. I had talked to him some years before about the .17 High Standard pistol I use to own. In chasing the USCCO headstamp on the internet I ran across him again.