Monarch Brand 9x19

I just ran across Monarch brand brass case 9x19 on a website and bought a few boxes. Some of the Forums say it is from Serbia, so it probably has the normal PPU/nny headstamp but who knows.

The various forums mentioned it in the November/March time-frame as also being available in both brass and steel cases in blue and green boxes (one for brass case and the other for steel).

When I went to the referenced sites for this ammo, it was of course no longer listed.

Has anyone seen this ammo and have any insight into what was in the blue and green boxes. Photos would be greatly appreciated.

This rush on 9mmP ammo is a real pain. I find something listed as “NEW!!!” and three days later it is sold out.

Still, the demand is pulling in some interesting ammo. I resently found a box of 9x19 headstamped SADU 9x19 08. This headstamp showed up a couple of years ago in Iraq, but it was SADU 06 9x19!!! I was delighted to find it in the US. I know the 7.62x39mm by SADU has been here for sometime but not the 9x19.

Also found the new Aguila that came in about a month ago (all sold out now as far as i can tell) had mixed in it a new headstamp. I looked through 1000 rds of 9x19 and found a single round headstamped **** 9mm (photo below)

I also managed to find a few rounds in 40S&W and saw a photo on the internet of two fired cases in 45ACP!!! Wonder who Aguila made it for?

Anyway, any help with the Monarch stuff would be apprecated.

If you see a new brand of 9x19 for sale on the internet, please give me a heads up. Never can tell what it will be anymore.



PS: Just talked to a dealer who carried Monarch 7.62x39mm (all sold out) and it was Russian. Monarch must be an importer who is buying stuff in their own boxes (maybe). Anyone have an address for them???


For several years now I have seen mention of Monarch brand ammo on the gun forum I visit. It appears that the sporting goods chain store Academy is the origin of Monarch labeled ammo.

As you mentioned, there is a blue box and a green box. I’m unsure which box has which ammo but the brass cased ammo is from Prvi Partizan with the “nny” headstamp and the steel cased ammo is supposed to be from Barnaul. I have been unable to confirm any of this personally, but this info constantly keeps popping up on the gun forum I visit.

Great “*****” headstamped cases you got there. Now to just find out for whom did Aguila produce those cases for?

The only good thing about the present ammo hoarding is that hopefully ammo brokers will be going outside of the U.S. looking for useable ammo to import. That means a lot better chance of finding some interesting new headstamps.

Leon - about new headstamps - that is if you can get a box in the ten minutes they are on the shelf. I have answer about ten catalogs sent to me in the last few months and been able to purchase, out of a total order of about 40 boxes (only so many because I had to keep repeating things) and I have been successful in getting exactly ZERO of any of the orders. Too bad we have this ridiculous hoarding. The fact is, in the next couple of years, it will probably hurt the ammunition factories badly, as ther will not have customers for their product, everyone having hoarded ammunition beyond their ability to shoot it in a life time.

The same thing happened before the GCA 68, and in the year following it, our ammunition sales at our store fell off massively.

If the laws they are all afraid of pass, and likely they will, all of that ammunition will be illegal in two years, so I hope they can shoot it up by then, or face very big felony charges. Of course, all of our cartridge collections will be totally illegal, as there is no exemption for collections in any of the proposed ammunition registering and numbering schemes I have seen.

Lord, I’m glad I am old.