Monogram ID's


I wonder if anyone is able to ID the following ordnance related monograms for me. The first is stamped on a type 209 mechanical time fuze body (dated March 1938?) and appears to comprise of the letters TA inside what looks to be a stylised bomb with a burning fuze?

The second monogram is stamped on a lead General Service 2" guage fuze hole plug of ~WWI vintage. This one could be either an M or W overlaid on two overlapping elipses. Other markings on this item comprise of a broad arrow, the letter B, No.1 and a Roman I. I believe this means it’s a Fuze hole plug No.1 Mk.I. Anyone know what the letter B means? Strange to be made out of lead too!

Pictures follow:


Lead Plug letter “B”: could be Birmingham Metals and Munitions a non- ferrous metals supplier and ammunition maker before and during WW I: absorbed into ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) by the 1920s ,even maybe before that, but separate name only disappears at end of WW I.
“B” is also found on .303 mark VII ammo with 1914-1917 dates.

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James, your No 209 is made in Switzerland by Tavaro (or also named Tavannes).
Looking at your image firstly I just thought it might be a Tavaro logo but after finding the drawing showing the typical Tavaro features I was sure.
The Tavaro logo:

The No 209:


Thanks EOD! I think the Tavaro logo is correct. Thanks also for the diagram. Any ideas about the M or W on crossed elipses?