Montreal Sailor Memorial


I am in Montreal, yes, like in Canada, a city basically devoid of anything military (while standing on soil still soaked in French, British and Indian blood). So the only thing I have to offer you is this memorial with 2 pre-WWI cannons. While I was taking these shots in Vieux Montreal, the harbour was over-flown by 4 military jets, don’t know what kind but they made a roaring sound and vanished soon.


Did you go the the Stewart Museum? They have the CIL gun and ammuntion collection in the back room, as well as the MacDonald (tobacco barron) collection. If you are going to go back to Montreal, let me know in a PM. Many of the guns are outstanding. An advanced Colt collector recently told me that their collection of Colt percussion pistols is outstanding.

Will (powdertin).


Unfortunately, the museum is closed now, re-opening in fall 2010. Maybe one of the local IAA members will go there? If the exchange rate tilts against the American dollar any more, I’ll not be able to afford being here.