Moon Star shotshell


Does somebody know (or has already seen) all brass shotshells with hstp:


Question for the English or US people :
What kind of symbol is a moon star ?
Moon crescent I understand but moon star I don’t





Could you get a photo posted?


I may be thinking too obviously, but isn’t the Crescent of a phase of the Moon and a star the symbol of Islam?



I do not have a picture.
All I know is the fact the hstp is : N


I have confirmation now:

Moon star is written on the hstp,it is not a picture.

Therefore the question is:
Has somebody ever seen an all brass shotshell with the hstp:


Has somebody answers to the following questions ?:

  1. Was Germany in the habit of exporting goods to Japan before WWII ?
  2. Has somebody Japanese shotshells from before WWII ?
  3. Has somebody Japanese shotshells from WWII ? (shotshells, not mortar igniters)
  4. Has somebody a Japonese shotgun from before WWII ?