Mora Rea

I just got the sad news that Mora Rea has recently passed. A well-known collector and absolutely wonderful guy who lived in Long Island, NY. Until about 10 years ago he was a regular fixture at all the East Coast shows, including Chicago and SLICS. He was best known for going to bed by 7pm, waking up at 4am, and demanding to be at breakfast by 6! He was also famous for never letting anything green pass his lips. He was the last of my first cartridge posse that included Paul Callow, Ralph Mullet, John Barber, and Hal Lowe. I was the young pup who they included in everything, and who they tried to get interested in rimfires. I successfully resisted their efforts, but I would give all my centerfires away to have that bunch back again.
Happy trails, Mora, you will be missed.

Sad to hear, as you say he really was one of the very nicest of people, a real gentleman and all around general good guy.

He sure will be missed, rest in peace Rea

He was a BIG help in the early days of the IAA Forum, and that was greatly appreciated.
He ceased participating in the forum under uncertain circumstances, but he certainly will be missed, and his contributions fondly remembered.

I co-sign the above; that he was a gentle, quiet mentor to many of us newbies coming up. I was fortunate to share Long Island with him (& John Barber) for my 16 years of residing there. He was a wealth of knowledge in and out of the “old stuff” he collected. Albeit sad and a fact of life; thanks for the news that many of us missed.