More 30-06 bullet questions

Pic 3 There does not appear to have any tip colour and there is no lighter colour to the tip where the paint could have been removed. The compound in the base of the bullet could be lead which has oxidised or tracer compound which is also breaking down. The bullet is not magnetic. I also dont think the case was stained black but it is a darker colour than any other 1925 case I have. Question…What am I?

Pic 4 Bullet not magnetic, Yet again what am I? thanks in advance…paul.

Picture 3 is the .30" M1924 Tracer and, judging by the annulus colour, I’d say it is a red tracer. The case is chemically darkened for identification. The bullet tips weren’t coloured until 1930.

Picture 4 looks to be a hunting bullet to me.

I believe the first cartridge is a tracer; the small cracks seen around the base of the jacket indicate swelling tracer compound is cracking the jacket. If you mike the bullet I think you’ll find its base diameter is slightly greater than spec.

The second cartridge is a reload using a bullet Ray Meketa could likely have ID’d. Jack