More boxes of WWII German ammo!

I’ve got some sorting to do!! Looks like there are a mix match of rounds in these boxes. Some of the rounds appear to be original to the boxes others aren’t. I noticed some PPO8SE bullets, copper colored bullets, silver colored bullets, bullets that look moly coated and a mix of brass and steel case.

Headstamps inlcude dou, dwm, ak, emp, and others.

I’ll try to post some detailed pictures of the headstamps, etc. tonight.

Neat stuff!!

Also like to show also 2 box labels

An 9mm Trop and a box of proof rounds

Is that middle box, 1944 dnh, a Proof box?

Well some nice boxes. The box one box with the green primers are all proof cartridges. They are NOT to be fired-tear up your pistol-but good collector items.

Nice accumulation of stuff!!!

Jep, "Beschu

I finally got through all the boxes and this is what I ended up with:

  1. 21+ boxes of dnf steel case ammo (most or all of it from 1944) with the PPO8Se sintered iron bullets, extruded orange yellow propellant

  2. 5+ boxes of ak brass case ammo with silver colored steel bullets, greenish gray Czech flake propellant.

  3. 1 box of emp steel case ammo with copper colored bullets

  4. 1 dnh round with prominent red case mouth and primer sealant, copper colored bullet

  5. 1 DWM round with brass case and copper colored bullet

  6. 2 P120 rounds with copper washed (brass?) cases and copper colored bullets

  7. 2 dou rounds with brass cases and unusual looking shiny black bullets that look a little like modern moly coated bullets

  8. 1 asb round with a steel case and steel bullet

  9. 1 faa round with a steel case and copper colored bullet

So… what type of bullet do the dou (number 7) rounds have?

Nice group of rounds. The early “ak” headstamped rounds with nickeled bullets, rather than gilding metal jackets, aren’t so common anymore.

Your dnh round with red seals is what they normally call “Tropic Pack” although the ones in red are usually actually police loads rather than military. True military Tropic Pack usually have black seals. That full or near full box of proof rounds is lovely. The B DWM B 480C is probably a police cartridge or commercial for those who could own 9mm weapons. Generally speaking that was an illegal caliber for civilians. You will not see any pistol cartridges bigger than the 7.65m/m Parabellum in the domestic catalogs of Geco, RWS, etc. from the 1930s. However, the Export catalogs for the same years have all manner of larger rounds - 9mm Para, 9mm Steyr, 9mm Bergmann, 9mm Mauser, even .45 auto.

What type of coating is on the dou (number 7) bullets? It’s a very shiny, somewhat translucent black coating that reminds me of modern moly coating. Is it moly coating?