More British Strange 9x19mm

In the late 1960s or very early 1970s a major US collector who has sinced passed away traded me the two rounds on the right. They were a ball and blank set for a weapon being tested in the UK, or somethng similar. The US collector had completed a trade with a “well connected” Brit and these two were duplicates from the trade. I was delighted with them. Later visiting this collector I saw these two rounds along with the three aluminum & plastic bullet rounds in his collection and was told this was the set he had traded for. This was before I was in contact with any British collectors. The only British collector the US collector ever mentioned was Ron Bridges, who has since passed away. I have assumed these rounds came from Bridges but that is only an assumption.

Later I showed these to both Herb Woodend and Tony Edwards when they visited and neither had ever seen or heard of these rounds.

From left to righr the weighes are:
130gr - 92gr - 106gr - 77gr - 212gr

The RG headstamped round on the far left has a white plastic tip above the copper cap on the bullet. the next two have plastic tips.

Since these rounds were new to both Herb and Tony, I have considered them questionable, but they are beautifully made. I would be delighted to find someone else has a set and knows the story of these cartridges.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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