More cal 30 match


Since we’re on the subject of Cal 30 Match cartridges (some of us are), I thought I’d ask if anybody has any info on these. Top box, given to me by one of our esteemed Forumists, i.e. another collector. Headstamp is LC 78 NM. Everybody knows that Elsie quit making Match cartridges for the Cal 30 way back in 1968. So what are these for?



Your question quickly cleared up Ray, The 78 in the headstamp refers to 1878 ;) ;)


Aha! Thank you Mr. Armourer. Now I remember, Chris P. told me that he saw some of them when they first came out. ;)




Thanks for showing the box with the unprimed empty cases. I have one (case) and was curious about it.

Written on the side of the case is



The front of the label is the only marking on the box. I assumed it was to be handloaded by someone and the DCM makes sense. Not sure what EMT’s would be. And I wonder what bullet they would have used. Maybe furnish their own Sierra Match bullets?

But the headstamp is unusual. It’s not like LC to make a run of special brass, especially one with a MATCH headstamp.




I think EMTs is short for empties!



Ah so. You’re probably right. Makes too much sense for me. ;)



I bought a larger (over 1000 specimens) collection of 30-06’s a few years
ago. Every year I have part of it delivered at a the ECRA meeting. I don’t
have them all here, but I have a list of all headstamps. Besides the "normal"
headstamps: LC MATCH and years 57, 61 till 67 it also mentions:
LC NM with following years: 63, 64, 65 and 66.




Interesting. I have seen a few of the LC with the NM headstamp but did not realize there were that many of them.

I have never been a headstamp hunter. But, since joining this Forum I can understand the attraction. I try to fight the impulse to collect “one of every headstamp” but I’m afraid it’s a losing battle. I suppose I should be thankful that I don’t collect some of the pistol cartridges where there are literally thousands of headstamps.



The story I heard is that they made 1 million cases, along with 1 million bullets, and everything was shipped to the AMU. Now, my memory is kinda faded, but IIRC that’s what Bill Wooden told Teak, who in turn told me.

Weather the AMU did anything with them or simply turned them over to the folks at DCM is another question (all that I’ve heard of were origionaly given to shooters at CP) or is the AMU part of the above story wrong and they went straight to the DCM?



All of what you said is plausible. AMU is still there but I’ve never had much luck in getting historical information from them except when I contact one of the old timers directly. DCM, of course exists as another agency and I doubt if we could find anyone working there now with any sense of history.

In cases like these I usually go straight to the old time shooters. I’ll ask a few of them if they remember. I was active in shooting in 1978 and got a lot of stuff from DCM but the only '06 that I remember was standard GI issue in Garand clips. And by 1978 most everyone was shooting 7.62x51. Some of our DCM Garands even had the chamber insert converting them to the smaller cases but we always kept an original or two just so we had something to shoot the free '06 ammo in.

A million cases and bullets is a lot. You would think that some of the loaded ammo would turn up. Of course, the guys who would have it aren’t collectors and probably don’t see it as any different than any other '06.

I understand that a certain collector has a bunch of the cases. Maybe he has most of the million? ;)