More Combustables ID needed

More Combustables ID needed
8. 44 Eley Bullet
9. 36 Needle Bullet
10. .733 Bullet -2.570 OAL
11. .570 Bullet -3.247 OAL
12. .574 Bullet -2.562 OAL
13. Bullet .552 -1.824 OAL
14. Eagle star Insurance CoLTD .702 Ball -4.200 OAL

Your #4 is a skin cartridge probably for the Adams Revolver
The #14 are some kind of promotional & probably quite new you might try to Google the company name.
#13 looks to have a musket cap in the base?
#11 has a Swiss look about it, to me
#9 is not a needle but a needle-fire cartridge. The case is most likely paper covered brass-foil with a hole in the base to allow the needle it penetrate to the back-facing cap with the needle striking the fulminate for ignition. It would originally have had a envelope with a black cloth tear like the .44. And was probably also made by Eley

Hi Tony2.
Number 11 and 12 are both 57 Enfield cartridges and If I am not mistaken, number 10 is a 74 cartridge for the 74 cal tower musket circa 1842. I am probably wrong but that’s what they look like to me.

Pete: the one 57 enfield has a plastic wrapper on it but you can see the cartridge clearly when you blow up the picture.


on another’s computer Will so can’t download or do much but reply. I can now see the plastic you mention when I look for it.

The #12 looks to be very short but #11 does look right for an Enfield, Guess the plastic threw me with the nose looking somewhat rounded

If no 13 has a musket cap inserted in the bottom it is most likely as follows a
13,9mm model Bavarian Lindner cartridge for use in the transformed Mod. 1858
PODEWILS rifle.The case is constracted with a large hole in the base into wich
is inserted a reversed top hat type military primer. MFG Amberg Arsenal

Thank you all for the information