More contract boxes for HMAK

A shooting buddy has a standing order to collect boxes etc when he is training with the home guard. This is what he came back with this week:
DAG tracer 5,56 mm, but with a different box label and lot numbering than the previously shown box. Hs is the same as shown earlier.
NIC flare cartridges (non-parachute flares) empty case shown for illustration only (different lot).
Probably last known lot of 7,62 produced at AMA. Production apparently stopped in 2000. If anyone knows a higher lot number, please report it here so I can amend my files.


Soren, I have seen 7.62x51 blank “AMA 07”.

Thanks Alex, meant to write Ball production stopped in 2000. Have to be on the lookout for newer blanks now :-)

Once you mention it, why should they stop making ball rounds?

[quote=“EOD”]Once you mention it, why should they stop making ball rounds?[/quote]Your guess is a good as mine, but the cartridge is not used much after the homeguard exchanged their G3’s for the C8. After Expal aquired AMA the information flow has dried up. They specialize in demilling artillery shells and EOD’ing sea mines, for the last using a small underwater robot for finding the mines.
Except for the very few M/66 still in homeguard use, the LMG is the only 7,62 gun left in the inventory.
Maybe the 7,62 line is still there and get started when the need arises.

What exactly is HMAK?

Hærens Materiel Kommando, The Army supply and aquisition Command, the old name for the army part of FMT, Forsvarets Materiel tjeneste -the defence procurement and logistics service.
Identical organisations existed for the air force and navy before consolidating them into FMT.