More Cutaways

More cutaways for every ones enjoyment. Thanks for looking. Kevin
From left to right:
30.06 Accelerator
30.06 Rem SPS
30.06 WRAco/ 30G/ 1903 Could some one please explain this type of primer?
30.06 “The Longest Day” movie blank
7.62x54r API 21/83
7.62x45 ZV/64
7.62x39 short range 05/ 84

Second pic, left to right:
22 Hornet WRA/ 58
45 Schofield inside primed
38spl Metal Piercing SuperX
38spl Glazer blue tip
38 Long FA/ 6/ 11
38spl tracer maroon tip Rem/ UMC

You did an amazing job! Beyond cool!


They just get better and better looking. Great work. Work like this, and that of Paul and my friend Frank N., both of whom contribute to this forum, changed me from someone who though anyone who sectioned a good dupe ctg. was crazy as a loon, to someone who probably drives my poor friend Frank crazy with requests for sectioning! Sometime I think if I was able to section like that, I would do every cartridge in my collection. It would settle all the legal problems created by idiot politicians and their ammo laws, and if done leaving the head intact for the full headstamp, takes just about nothing away from the cartridge.

Please keep these pictures coming.

Let’s not forget the masterful work of our illustrious IAA EVP/ Editor Chris Punnett. I used to visit Chris and marvel at his .30-06 collection, almost every cartridge along-side its cutaway twin.

My apologies. I know Chris to be a man of many talents, but I didn’t know sectioning was one of them. But then, why not - anybody know of anything he doesn’t do to near perfection? I don’t. (Well, come to think of it, he DOES collect .450 British revolver…!)

He is very bad with swimming pool maintenance.
Anyone who ever visited him in Chadds Ford, PA will understand.

Chris may be a bit loony to collect .450 Revolver, but he does do it with perfection!!