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This is a Westley Richards Monkey Tail cartridge, but only got the paper wrapper , stamped by the Portuguese Officina pyrotechnica . Could someone give me more information about this cartridge ?

Several years ago, here in the US, some sealed cases of 8mm Kropatschek [rounds or blanks, can’t remember which] were opened & these wrappers plus torn, used, ledger book pages were stuffed along the edges to take up the empty space. Those were identified by the late Herby Woodend as being for the .577 Enfield, not the W. Richards Monkey tail. They were marked exactly the same as what you show, and included dates from 1873 to 1875.
See our sale 10 lot #9.
hope this s of help.

Thanks for the info PetedeCoux! how can I access the link of your sales ?

They are not on-line so no link, hard copy only. I’ve basically explained all about them above. (that I’m aware of)
photo of the lot below when I can get photobucket to work.

couldn’t get photobucket to work so e-mailed you a copy. Loads about 80% & then just spins. Very frustrating & a time waster.
If you can post it, please do.

Thanks for all Pete.
Here´s the photo

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