More Frank Wheeler/Gun Report Photos, Part 3

This is a continuation of:

.30 Cal. Hollifield Dotter Cartridge (Mel Carpenter) & Hollifield Dotter Target to the right (Frank Wheeler).

12mm Perrin box label

.30 Cal T44 Bakelite bullet box, Waterbury Companies, Inc.

Eley Bros., J. Goldmark & UMC Percussion Cap Tins for Colt Pistols and written note on the back of the photo. Related discussion: Eley 500 Tin

Eley Bros. Percussion Cap Tins for Colt, Remington & Starr Pistols. Photo dated Dec. 1954.

5 mm Charola & Anitua Auto Pistol Cartridges On Clip & Box Label, Keller & Co., Hirtenberg. See attached note. Ed Robertson collection.

8 x 27mmR Lebel, Model 1892 box label. For Carbines not to be used in revolvers!. By SFM? Can anyone provide more information?

.600 Nitro Express cartridges and headstamps.

7.9 x 57mm Beschuss Patrone box label (Proof Cartridge).

.41 Short Rimfire, Winchester (WRACo) Stetson’s Patent.

.32 Long Rimfire US Cartridge Co. Early box label

6 mm Double Culot, round boxes, Gevelot

The photo of the 600 NE examples shows, if those are all the 3" & I see no reason to doubt that a 2.3/4" example with an unknown to me “600 NITRO EXPRESS” headstamp which is apparently hand stamped. As far as I’m aware only a factory drawing exists of this case type.
Very nice to see is the Solid Jeffery’s load, as the few I’ve seen are split jacket soft nose. Also the plain to the left has the same primer and head as the Jeffery & is known as the unheadstamped small primer variation. For whatever that’s worth.
600 nitro express 2 3:4" hs

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Very nice to see the original Keller & Co. box for the 5m/m Charola y Anitua. Jack

We used to have a few full boxes of the carbine load at our club, but the cartridges cannot be distinguished from the regular ones once taken out of the box, so they are rather uninteresting. They have a copper jacketed bullet with flat point, brown primer sealant and S.F.MGG ☆ headstamp.

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More photos.

Eley Bros. leaflet. Date ?

Headstamp .270 WCF CAC NZFS . Colonial Ammunition Co., New Zealand Forest Service

1915 Exposition Bullet .32 Cal. Target Rifles, Ludwig Siebe & Sons.

The Panama–Pacific International Exposition was a world’s fair held in San Francisco, California, United States, from February 20 to December 4, 1915.

Some information on Ludwig Siebe & Sons from the book San Francisco Bay Area Sports: Golden Gate Athletics, Recreation, and Community (Google Books):

.450 Express 3.25 inch case, box label. Dominion Cartridge Company (D.C.Co.)

No. 1= Kynoch .577/490 Indian Police Buckshot, No. 2= .577/450 Martini-Henry Buckshot

Written note on the back of the first photo, above:

Dominion Cartridge Factory recapped .303 Mk II packets & .577- 450 blank packet.

11.35 x 17mmR Danish M1865/1897, ball round, blank, teargas & box label. Plus hand written note on back of photo.

Hazard Powder Company powder tins.

The Eley Brothers leaflet is perhaps 1872-74? Interesting lineup,for sure! Jack

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The 577/490 Indian Police shot is now known as the .490 B.S.A. & is found with and without the smooth case cannelure. Interesting Conjay noted an Indian connection.

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BDGreen’s information on the Shell Mound Park and Ludwig Siebe and his son William’s association with it are interesting, especially to a lifetime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Unfortunately, no exact location is given for the Park. Evidently, at the time, the SF Bay Area was ringed with these shell mounds, which seemed to be Indian burial grounds, some dating back an incredible 5,000 years - earlier than the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

However, reading between the lines, it seems the Park noted on the .32 bullet box pictured was not in San Francisco, but rather in Oakland. A little research I did also produced what I thought to be a possible area for the Shell Mound Park, what is today Aquatic Park in San Francisco. The fact the box label celebrates the 1915 San Francisco Exhibition, housed primarily in the Palace of Fine Arts on the edge of the Presidio of San Francisco and only a block from SF Bay, although various activities stretch across much of the northern Bay front of San Francisco, made this logical, as their seems to have been a shell mound at that location.

However, the work cited in BDG’s reference pretty clearly refers to a location in Oakland. It would be fun if someone could come up with a precise location. There was a huge Mound location in Emeryville, which many Bay Area folks look on a part of the greater Oakland Area. Hope we hear more about this, not only for the history of the Park, but for the little known bullet-makers Agency of Ludwig Siebe & Sons, Inc. of Shell Mound Park.

John Moss

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