More Gallery/Guard/Short Range Cartridges


This is a follow on to the “Strange Ammo Deactivation” thread started by Vlad…I thought maybe it ought to have its own title.
Here is the Model 1895 Gallery Practice Shell…I do not have the photographic equipment to do as well as Ray or Dave E.



Some more interesting loads…

Left: .30 Krag factory loaded with Cal. .30 M1906 bullet, HS: F A 10 02, Purple primer sealant
Middle: .30 Krag loaded with 170 gr .30-30 bullet, an early Guard Load trial, HS: F A 4 03
Right: .30 Krag with Lyman 308279 lead bullet, also an early Guard Load trial, HS: F A 1 04



Here is the Model 1896 Gallery Cartridge and a couple of boxes…




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Caliber .30 Multi-Ball “F A 4 03”.

Nice items you show there! Do you know if the Model 1895 Gallery Practice cases were turned at Frankford Arsenal or were they from a commercial source?



Dave…Model 1895 Gallery was made at FA, but only for a very short time, as it was soon recognized that they were relatively expensive to make, and hard to clean…so replaced by the Model 1896 after only a year or so…The Model 1895 Gallery is very scarce today…



Krag Guard Cartridges and Box
On the left, the 156 gr load, didn’t last long, not enough “neck” to properly hold the bullet, on the right, the 177 gr load…



Krag Reduced Range Cartridge…



What is the headstamp on the 1895 Gallery Practice, and what is the headstamp range of the Model 1896 Gallery Cartridges?



No headstamp on the Model 1895 Gallery…

Model 1896 Gallery headstamps would range from 1896 until 1904 or so, but before 1902, they seem very hard to find…