More Info on Dating Boxes

Thanks to everyone who provided info in the previous thread on this subject.

This is a BIG tasks and the current info has some BIG holes in it.

There is so much information that I have set up a page on my website where I have put up info on some of the companies. These are in .pdf documents you can look at or download.

There is a link for the IAA Forum Box Date Code Project that will take you to the documents.

Dominion: There were some good articles in previous IAA Journals. I have extracted that and projected it and it seems to work for boxes in the 1950s through 1970s based on my limited sample. The material in the Journal indicated that the codes should work, even after IVI took over Dominion, but that isn’t clear to me from the boxes I have. The Journal material implied that Box codes were dropped when IVI quit producing commercial ammo, but I have a code on a box of IVI blanks from 2006. I have pictured 6 different boxes on this. Does anyone have any insight into the IVI codes?? They may not be hard to determine since most of their ammo is dated now.

Kynoch: Again, from a couple of articles in the Journal. I have included Eley with this. None of my Kynoch boxes are coded so I can’t check this out. If some of you have coded Kynoch or Eley boxes, please check out these systems and see how they work—and let me know.

Winchester/Western/Olin: This is a hard one. D’Artagnan has sone some good work from 2000 through 2009 and has that pretty settled. I tried projecting it back and for a confirmed 1982 box it gave a date of a few years older. It also dates the Illinois State Police boxes (late 60s-early 70s) about 10 years older so there have been changes in the Olin code over time. The format seems to remain the same. It also looks at a glance that the Olin code may trace back to Western. I have a pretty good number of box photos with code info illustrated here, some quite old. Some may want to just look at the boxes. Any help on this one appreciated.

Peters: All I have here are some pictures of some older Peters boxes. I have one box with a Remington address on the back, but the next IAA Journal will have an article on Remington box codes so I don’t want to spend time on Remington codes until I have time to understand that article. I am very interested in collecting the codes on Peters boxes before Remington took over and any information any of you may have on these codes.

I have illustrated 9x19mm boxes cause that is what I have. Info and pictures of other boxes is appreciated.

I am particularly interested in the DWM codes from between WWI and WWII. I have some info on the postwar codes, and a bit on RWS codes which I will try to add to the website over time.

If you have any information on the DWM codes please let me know.

I would like to expand into other manufacturers as well. If you have code information on any manufacturer, we can began getting it up so others doing research can use it.

All help appreciated.


Ouch, my memory.

Just remembered I have some Mauser test sheets from the 1970s that mention lot codes for 9x19 and .30 luger they had tested at the Ulm proof house.

Here goes:
(Lot date is the date of delivery of that particular lot to the Ulm proof house). The tests were all done between august, 1972 and january, 1973. So we know these lot numbers existed before that date and cannot possibly be of a later date than january, 1973. This was commercially available ammunition ‘off the shelve’ of those days.

.30 luger:
Norma, Lot code o 89 15.
Remington, Lot code S 14 S.
Remington, Lot code S 11 S.
Remington, Lot code S 16 S. Lot date 22-12-1972.
Winchester, Lot code 76 58 DF 1

9x19 para: (date is dd-mm-yyyy).
Geco, Lot code 25 L 18. Lot date 04-09-1972.
Remington, Lot code LU 31 WD. Lot date 04-08-1972.
Remington, Lot code LU 02 ID. Lot code 29-05-1972.
Swedish Army. Lot code 67069 902 22-9. Lot date 04-12-1972.
Norma, Lote code 06005. Lot date 04-12-1972.
Winchester, Lot code 89 92FA41. Lot date 13-11-1972.
Winchester, Lot code 91 28FA91. Lot date 13-11-1972

Hope this helps.

One of my last show purchases was an old Winchester box red and yellow label, like the #9 in your PDF. Code is badly stamped but looks like 1 23 22.

More info on the reason why Mauser had these tested can be found here: … ght=#41950

Vlim, Great info! Thanks!!!