More Info on the Rheinmetall ABH-GR Bounding Grenade

Hello everyone quite a few years ago there used to be a videos on youtube as well as I think a page on the Rheinmetall website showing info on their ABH-GR Bounding Grenade.

Now it seems almost all traces of that grenade on the internet have disappeared. Is it currently in production? or was it just something that never made it past prototype?

If anyone has a data sheet or something that would be a massive help

Thanks in advance

Actually it is a Swedish development by FMV (patented). Rheinmetall (and there ARGES) was taken into the loop for refinement and serial production.
The official Swedish designation is “SHGR 07”. As the “07” is indicating the whole project goes back to 2007.
So far it seems that Sweden is the only one who may have adopted these (I assume they must cost a fortune). Have asked back to Sweden for info on actual stockpiling of these or if these were only developed and forgotten.

Here the FMV prototype (with typical Swedish fuze):
shgr 07_FMV development_Rheinmetall for Sweden

And here what Rheinmetall made of it (with typical ARGES fuze):

Image source: internet

Still advertized in 2014:

Incredible thank you Mr.EOD the all knowing.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.


Just got the info: the grenade is actually in Swedish service!

And they are packed 4 EA in a typical cal. .50 belt box.

Can’t find it on Amazon…

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Even More amazing!! Thank you very very much. Wouldn’t happen to have a picture of a box with markings and stuff would you?

No photos available by now.

This is as good as it gets:

Incredible thank you Mr.EOD.

From what I understand usually 50 bmg ammo cans come In a crate with 2 boxes in each crate. I imagine these grenades must come perhaps 4 boxes to a crate? otherwise it wouldn’t be very space efficient.


Space consuming or not, next step is a Euro pallet with 68 pcs of the box EOD already showed (50BMG can) and a total weight of 403 Kg. I guess it is only brought forward for serious business.


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Yes, I assume the next larger unit above the .50 can is handled differently in many countries/entities.
Also specified by the customer as he has to fit units into his own logistics system.

The two .50 cans in one crate NotAny1 mentioned are that what I remember from the US.

What? They didn’t design a new storage case for them that doesn’t stack with anything else in the inventory?

I was mainly thinking of them compared to like a DM51 crate which you helped me in the past with were it holds 30 grenades and seems a bit more space efficient.


Yes, but here we are speaking of two different manufacturers and two different militaries, i.e. customers.
Means such details can be miles apart.

Interesting thanks for clearing that up.


I see Rheinmetall was featuring the grenade in 2017 still.

Grenades_2017.pdf (5.6 MB)

Thank you Mr.EOD that PDF also had other grenades I was interested in as well.


You are welcome.