More Mystery ammo ~

Hey Blokes ~

Mate and II did a hunt thru a former WWII (Australian) practice and firing site ~

Mate found this “alloy” projectile tip~ while we have found some unique projectiles this one has us scratching our heads.

The round on the left I believe this is a 40 mm AA US tip that he has ~

Any assist appreciated ~

I think you have the top from a No 251 Bofors fuze. There are a few different fuzes used.
The left fuze is Australian Bofors. MY is St.Mary’s filling factory, NSW. Not USA.

Thanks Mate ~ We did suspect a Bofors ~ and this is yet another surprise as to this firing range ~ thus far I have ID a 3.7 " AA and a 3.7" Mountain gun ~ this is another pleasant surprise ~
Thanks for your input ~