More on the plastic storage trays


There was great interest in my post about transparent plastic storage trays. I just discovered something new about them. I got old pinfire ammo with the headstamp FusnotBruxelles*. The pin sticks out 8.1mm so it does not fit into the main storage groove. But in the middle of the groove there is an finger sized indentation in the divider originally meant for easier lateral pick up of the blood sample tube. The pin fits into it snuggly when the pin is horizontal and the lid then closes. Neat. The same indentation allows for placement of antique rounds with giant oversized rims. I have photos for the curious ones. By the way, what fired that Charles Fusnot & Cie round? Cartridge’s diametre is 15.6mm, length-19.5mm, lead bullet-17.6mm. Thanks.