More RF tool blanks ID (.25 Cal)

I have three .25 Cal RF tool blanks in CWS cases headstamped “S” (See below). The case length is.389" / 9.86mm.

This is from the site “” which says it was made by “Smith & Wesson Ammunition Co., de Rock Creek, Ohio”. Is this correct? I always thought these were French. They came out of the box of a French stud driver tool I saw for sale. I have (presumably) green (Low), yellow (low/medium), and blue (medium) power levels.

Falcon–They are NOT S&W. They are French. S&W never produced tool blanks of any caliber for general use. They did provide .22 Short Tool Blank cases for Ramset Fastener Systems, but, to my knowledge, only 1 run was ever made for evaluation tests. These were brass Gray load level.

Smith & Wesson did put .22 Shorts and Long Rifle in nickel plated cases on the market in 1974 with a small “S” headstamp. These were made by Cartuchos Deportivos de Mexico, S.A., Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I thought that these were French, and probably not S&W. Now that leaves the question of who actually did make them.

Falcon–Most likely it is the following,althrough yours is not exactly the same. This drawing was done about 1985 and they may have changed makers for their cartridges. But I feel confident it is the same distributer.

So Manufactured by Winchester for the French company. Mine are on CWS not brass cases, But the calibre and headstamp matches.

This tool blanks are known here as “SPIT” cartridges, an acronym from the initials of the Copany’s name.


But isnt “SPIT” only the distributor, not the manufacturer of the blanks. It says Winchester manufactured the brass cased ones, but I need to know if they also made the CWS ones that I have.

Falcon–As far as I know SPIT is only a distributer. I doubt if Winchester made the CWS cases, but can not say for sure. I would guess they were most likely made by RWS.

I thought it unlikely that Winchester would have manufactured the CWS cases. RWS could be a possibility, an Eastern Europen Combloc factory also crossed my mind.