More SLICS Pix


To show some more highlights of the show . . . .

This is but one of several display cases of Civil War cartridge types and the handguns in which they were chambered which was available for study. The exhibitor included primer packages, bullet molds and similar accessories in the display. This particular photo was chosen because of its clarity and lack of overhead light reflections; he had some fifty or so different types displayed, not just Colts, but also Savage, Perron, Remington, IPs, combustibles, teatfire, paper, rimfire, cupfire, etc. This was, at least for me, a truly outstanding exhibit: museum grade, educational - stunning in the details and diversity. Even the NRA’s National Firearms Museum has no such exhibit of ammunition and associated firearms; I’m still trying to fit my eyeballs back into my skull! Last year, this same gentleman had four tables of Confederate packets and single specimens, absolutely mind-boggling for the student of early American ammunition, Civil War buffs or indeed anyone with an interest in history.

Then, of course, there are the “small” rounds such as this display of naval ordnance . . . . For those of you who’ve not met him, that’s the infamous Tailgunner1954 steadying the 16" TP projectile. This exhibitor left his torpedoes home, however (sorry APFSDS). Neat stuff - I don’t pretend to understand the details of the fuses scattered there on the floor, but I know a lot more about this big stuff today than I did last week thanks to similar exhibits and a very interesting presentation on the topic at the Thursday night seminars - a very big tip of the hat to the IAA’s Research Committee chaired by Paul Smith for bringing that program on line.

Here’s the bottom line on SLICS - with very little effort, one can spend a minimum of 14 hours a day socializing with other “bullet nuts,” networking, making new friends, reaffirming ties with old ones, finding gems for one’s collection and greatly expanding one’s knowledge in the field. If you only go to one show in a year . . . go to St. Louis; you will be well rewarded for your efforts!



He sure is one ugly fellow, isn’t he?
Thanks Teak, I think I just got a new “background scene” for my work computer.



You are sure one shell of a guy!




You are sure one shell of a guy!


It appears we need to add “bad puns” to the list of prohibited behaviors . . . .



More pics of SLICS 2007


Also a pict from the Hotel

On the pict a collector from Belgie


What’s the I.A.A.I. ?


I.A.A.I. - not the normal way of abbreviating it, but stands for International Ammunition Association Incorporated.

Gyroject - have you checked to make sure that your camera is not now broken? The grey-haired fat guy in the bottom picture of the first posting by you has that effect on cameras.


No probleems with my camara till now,but I will check it.


Looks like a super sweet exhibit! I am dying to check it out, hopefully next year. I just hope their are gobs of big stuff their (like inert, tank fired APFSDS rounds) in addition to small caliber stuff. I am surprised Mike from Mid America Ord did not bring his torpedoes :-) haha. Thanks for posting pics for us that have never been. I saw a few shots from Pepper’s LTL display and it was mind boggling impressive!!!



Jason, there are several people with large bore material, but not “gobs” of it. There is something for virtually every niche. Small bore metallic is almost certainly the largest subcategory, but I don’t think even that is a majority.



Well, I’m on my way next year if I can get away from the zoo reality. Still hoping people post more pics of the exhibitors & displays. They look awesome.


Here they are,

It was a wunderful show.


Thanks so much DUTCH! Great pics of a collecting specialty that I was not familiar with and found super interesting. Beautiful pistols with associated ammo of a past era. Totally awesome! Thanks again. Their should be a post show photo album each year. If for no other reason then to document the efforts of some collectors and their historic / educational displays.


A few shots from Pepper’s LTL display


Great idea, Jason! Will pass that along to the show manager and the officers.



Thanks Teak! I personally would be fire-up to see a photo album at the end of these shows.


More pict of the show…


Sweet pics!!! I hope their are more to come from other attendees and or exhibitors. I SEE SOME BIG STUFF on a few tables, my fav! Thanks to everyone for posting pics of the show for us that have never been. I hope you all were able to get some super nice additions to your collections.