More weird stuff, what is it?


From left to right, looks like a .22, but the case measures just over .20, U headstamp
The second has a “bullet” of .013. Next to it is a fired case. I have several of those. and they all have the firing pin mark in the center.
The next one is a .22 necked down to about .15, U headstamp
The next one makes it look like someone was playing with a primer marked WRACO new No 4
The last one is a .22 for scale.


The third from the left is called a .11 whatizits, this is a primer but it is missing the #6 lead shot on the top. Rumor was there was a pistol that shot these but was never found. A novelty. vic


Are you sure about the case lenght of the case on the left? Looks like much longer than .20"


Pivi, the case length is .615, the diameter is .203.

Vic, thanks for the ID. Knowing what it is helped me find an older thread with it. I actually found a picture with all of these on a thread here from a year ago:
When I went back and looked in the box where I keep these, I found one with the #6 shot.