More Wood Crates!

It is possible I may have found the last of them…

I was attempting to clean up, and organize, my woodworking “shop”, which has been used as storage while my roof was leaking, awaiting repairs.
I found several ammo crates I do not remember having, and I wonder what he heck happened to some of the lids? One crate had woodworking tools I have been looking for, missing for YEARS!
Next project added to the list: Make lids for ammo crates…

The three bottom crates have their lids, as does the .303 crate [Greek?], which also still has the inner tin, (second photo), just below the “1000 CARTRIDGES 45 AUTOMATIC”.
The two tins on top are out of .303 Brit ammo cases, (I use them to clean parts).
The last picture is of the side with the only markings on the blank crate, 5th one up.

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Crate # 5, Chinese, probably “commercial” .223 or 9mm Para.
CJ is a brass case headstamp for these Chinese made commercial sale cartridges.
Greek 1248 .303 cartridges crate is a copy of the Canadian made 1248 crate, filled with 48 round packets ( Bren and Aircraft use).

Doc AV

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Thanks, Doc, much appreciated!

Any idea what type of wood these are made of? I have a couple pallets that look like similar wood, maybe I can build some tops out of.
I guess the type of wood won’t matter in the long run.
The lid on the Greek crate is some type of pressed fiber board, and falling apart.

Yes, the Greek crates were made of fine-chip particle board…should be available at your hardware store.
The Chinese boxes were some sort of Pine, so pine will do.
Doc AV

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I hate particle board, so I am going to use pine, (or birch, maybe? Not sure of some of my scavenged wood…), for the replacement for the Greek lid. Might not be ‘original’~ish, but it will hold.

Yes, I fully understand your animus towards Chipboard…not Moisture resistent; but a coat of two-pack varnish does improve it somewhat
( double coat edges).
I suppose either Pine or Beech Plywood would do ( “official” repair??).
Doc AV

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