More Zielmunition Kal. 5.6


There have been a couple of threads about the Zielmunition Kal. 5.6, but none included a box from this manufacture that a friend of mine just picked up –- Vereinigte Zünder- u. Kabelwerke A.-G. Meißen, Fabrik: Siebenlehn. I thought there might be some interest in it

The cases are copper-washed steel and the headstamp is VZ. I forgot to take a picture of the side view of a cartridge.

I find three different codes for this company – 501, bxm and vzg. Were these codes for different locations or just a case of a new code being assigned to the same location?


Phil - depends I would say on when the codes were assigned. Sounds, on the face of it, like their original “P” Number code, then the initial change to letter codes, and then the late war (late 1944) change (an example in 7.9 x 57 codes: P413 - edq - tko and one in 9mm: P28 - faa - suk).

If the third code was assigned early, than it would represent, I’m pretty sure, another facility.

John Moss


I like this box. What is Zielmunition? “Ziel” means “target” in Russian, and I assume, in German. Is it a sports target ammo?


Ziel is target in German as well.

This was used for .22lr guns and barrel inserts for the HJ and Wehrmacht, etc…


The factory was in Siebenlehn, but the company was located twelve miles away in Meissen? More locations but one code?

This Zielmunition was military? or did the commercial manufacturers dispense with their issue boxes and differentiation in cartridge loading? This ammo was not suitable for .22 lr semi auto pistols or rifles (like the Walther Mod I and II).