MORE ZOMBIE AMMO! 12g 3 1/2 slugs! anyone else make them?

I found these slugs online. a 12G 3 1/2 shell slug. not sure who it would hurt more you or the zombie.
does anyone know of any other 12g 3 1/2 slugs being made?

As the forward half an inch of the case is empty I would say that the 3 1/2 inch designation is pure BS.


Trevor, other than the one you show from Lightfield (they also make a 3.00" version of that one), there is the “Zombie Blaster” from Lightfield which is just a flash-bang blank, the “Zombie-Max” load from Hornady which is 00-buckshot, the “Zombie Killer” multi-shot load from Firequest, and there used to be a few gun-show load types in 12ga from a company called Mett-T, which now goes by 777-Logistics.

I also seen some vampire silver tip ammo posted on here.

I have to agree it looks like a 3" slug with just a big dragged out shell.