More "Zombie ammo"

I am pretty pro-gun and against about 90% of the gun laws that pass, but the reference posted
by Stanc indicates there is one person out there that should not be allowed to even own a gun!

Yes, that was my fear too when I saw this stuff. I remember too many “gimmicks” in the shooting world that turned around and bit all of us on the butt in my 36 years in the industry.
Sometimes, we have been our own worst enemy. A shame, since 99% of gun owners are rational, responsible people who go about there sport in a way that brings credit to gun ownership, rather than painting us as a bunch goof-balls with the intellect of a pet rock.

Sorry to be direct and crude, but it is an industry I love and gave a lot of years to, and it pains me to see some of this silliness, whether they make money at it or not. To the relief of many on this Forum, I am sure, this will be my last posting on this particular thread.

My gun dealer, a personal friend, just called me that he had the .40 and .45 Zombie rounds. The 9 mm was not yet available. He mentioned that they had no special headstamp, although I didn’t ask him the exact content of the headstamp. I am not familiar with the bullet used, but evidently it has some plastic showing in it, and the plastic is green. He said the box art is dramatic, but I think it is silly they did not prepare special headstamp bunters for this stuff, as long as they were going to demean the industry by producing it.

Just thought I would report what I knew so far. I will get the rounds tomorrow, but will probably have no computer time during the day.

John - these bullets are supposedly the same exact thing as the critical defense bullets, but they have a chartreuse colored rubber tip as opposed to the usual red. That, and the different packaging make for a simple rebranding of something that already existed.

Gerber knives (another well-respected company) is even jumping on the Zombie-killing band wagon:

Yes, the bullets look just like the Critical Defense bullets, except for the Chartreuse-color plastic tip, instead of the orange plastic of the CD bullets. The bullet jacket is GM and the case and primer cup are brass. Headstamp on both the .45 and the .45 S&W are simply “HORNADY” and the caliber. Nothing exciting in the rounds at all.

I was embarrassed, no humiliated is a better word, to be buying this crap, but once a collector, always a collector.

John, DK…pardon my unusual levity but…

Turn in your man-cards for using the word “chartreuse” correctly! (It looked “green” to me.)

As for “zombie ammo” and public perception: this product is no worse than the self-defense marketed rounds with ad copy terms like “devastating” , “deadly”, “unsurvivable”, et al.

The industry could be the most tightly regulated, professional, unstained and unblamable one in the world, and anti-gun people would still muckrake, slander and demean gun owners–much like people do with politicians, and much like the US media did with “cop-killer” bullets.

I won’t buy any of the stuff, simply because I have other more pressing ways to spend my dough. If I had plenty on money, I’d get at least a couple boxes in each caliber just to add to my collection.

Right you are Mike. We might use the word Chartreuse more often, but I think this instance is the first and only time that a fluorescent yellow/green color has ever been seen with regard to ammunition in any way. I’m honestly surprised that Hornady didn’t make it a reactive fluorescent color that would glow in the dark, or fluoresce under ultraviolet light. But then maybe it does?.. we’ll have to check!

They are trying to keep the money coming in. The BATF fairly gutted their business earlier this year.

Anyone who pays more than market retail for ammo to collect is nuts anyway. THAT INCLUDES ALL OF US !

Anyone reading this ever pay $100 for a single cartridge? YES. $1000 , YES. MORE, YES !
The most I ever got for a single cartridge in my auction was $6,579.
Don’t bother to argue that we are not all NUTS !

The ZOMBIE craze is widespread and growing. Cash in while you can.

If its not impolite to ask, could you tell us what that was for?

NYSE ATK - ATK reported that second-quarter sales increased 8 percent in its Sporting and Security Group, which includes ammunition for law enforcement, military and sporting applications…

Most of the commercial factories seem to be going almost 24/7 on their production lines still. There are still shortages in our local gun shops, although not as bad as they were last year.

Doesn’t sound like they got too “gutted.”

I think he means Hornady being “gutted” due to the BATFE ruling about their brass banded solids in .223 and a couple other calibers they do with spitzer tips in banded solids due to their usability in a few obscure “pistol” loadings.

Federal’s gains are impressive considering that the Iraq & Afghan wars are winding down. Maybe they have secured some good foreign contracts?

EA was gutted this summer by the BATF. They took stock of the alloy ammo and their computers.

Yes, the story of the non-lead core ammunition lately is shameful. I agree.I am not sure it will have a major impact on the industry as a whole, but it certainly hurts, and is based on silly assumptions as far as I am concerned.

The most I ever got for a single cartridge in my auction was $6,579.
If its not impolite to ask, could you tell us what that was for?[/quote]

I don’t publish prices from my auctions because they are private events usually participated in by the top collectors with means. It would be too confusing to the market for the greater universe of collectors to think that the prices which I get are realistic. They are not. They are unique to my client base. There are far too many unreasonable ideas about the value of collectors items in the world already. I chose not to promote more. In the case of the item mentioned I doubt that it would sell near that amount today because one of the bidders has died since and he was the one would placed the penultimate bid.


All values above those are arbitrary and determined by available means in a minute universe of buyers.


Does anyone actually believe that a painting by Van Gough is actuall WORTH 7-10 MILLION dollars. Of course that is nonsense. BUT; Put 2 parties with means in the same auction and that is the kind of price that results. 3 of my 4 children paint better than that guy and the 4th isn’t an artist.

The only prices which I publish are those realized by the Buttweiler auctions. His universe of collectors was wide and the prices more representative of actual market values. There were , of course , obvious exceptions as is always the case when 2 collectors with means participate and want the same item.

You might recall the French THV ammo of similar construction which set this all off some years back.

For several years I ran periodic multi-million dollar liquidation auctions of, mainly, commercial, industrial, and oilfield equipment, vehicles, and business inventories. It constantly amazed me that people were capable of bidding more (and sometimes much more) for used equipment than they would have to pay for equivalent new items. And that didn’t involve art, jewelry, or any kind of collectibles for the most part. I always felt a mental disease set in for some auction bidders that was somewhat independent of the merchandise being sold.

That’s why I don’t do auctions!

And some more “zombie ammo”… Now this, is a little more on-par for an outlet like Firequest:

The description mentions layers of copper shot (probably BB?) and #4 buckshot, but also says “filled top to bottom with a powdered slug”. I’m not sure if they mean buffered with powder to keep the group tight, or if they are implying some kind of sintered slug like a breacher slug being packed in there?

I’d say the “Powdered Slug” is polyethylene grex. If the copper shot is actually air rifle BBs, I wouldn’t want to shoot it, as it could damage the bore and choke. What would be wrong with them using lead BB shot? Or maybe it is copper plated lead BB shot, which makes the most sense. Anyway, I’d not want anything to do with this stuff.

TRUE. I have had it and still have a twinge now and then. You tend to think that if I had only bid the next raise I would have the item. Greed does the rest.
Now, I settle on a price and get the item or not. I already own too much stuff.

Wisdom doesn’t come easy. I bet you got at least one bite of the bug !