More Zombie

An e-buddy of mine sent me this (it was I who decided to post this…he did not ask) as I have seen the “Zombie thing” in previous Forum threads (all though I don’t subscribe to the intrigue)

But I do subscribe to LightField’s line of less lethal special purpose shotshell rounds

I was told this…

They are doing pre-release Facebook and some advertising prior to actual release in mid-January. Zombie Blaster Ammo on Facebook (no http:// www.)

PS… I usually have extras of this line at SLICS

The childishness in the ammunition business in America continues unabated. I wonder what Chapter Four of this idiocy will bring?

Pepper - not a criticism of you posting it. I suppose serious ammo students and collectors have to be aware of this stuff. It is a criticism of the classless morons in our ammo industry who put a buck above any standard of good taste and intelligence, adult reasoning, etc.

No Zombie here but sad to see that serious companies making real military ammunition are sliding down to this childish level too. I been talking to them at a defence show and they were pretty experts in their field and left a good impression. Seems the marketing folks in force nowadays are of the new TV-generation and nobody in the management is questioning them.

Here one of their product sheets (note the vocabulary): … LHOUND.pdf

20ga Zombie Blaster? Thank goodness I can have my wingmaster properly equipped for an undead confrontation. The .410 will be marketed to the Taurus Judge / S&W Governor enthusiasts I suppose.

oh how I hate this stuff and what it is doing to our image. Can people not see?

Dear Mr senator/ congressman
I would like to forward another advert for you to look at. By the way our anti gun lobby has a meeting on the 17th Hope you can be there to discuss this. Free food and booze, and the press will be there so you can get your face on TV and give soundbites. So have your cliched responses worked out in advance. We think there a lot of votes in it for you. Boy these guys have really shown themselves up this time.


an anti (one of many)

Thats how it worked in England before the handgun ban. why should the US be any different?

A bit of this nonsense for comic relief might be acceptable, but I have already heard some comments about “Crazy Gun Nuts” in reference to Zombie ammunition on one of the local radio talk shows several weeks ago. All this Zombie ammo does is provide free anti-gun propaganda ideas to the Obamas, Holders, Pelosis, Shumers, etc., of the world (including at least one, and maybe more, of the current Republican presidential contenders, some of whom I am highly suspicious of). They walk among us, just like Zombies, but they are not of the undead.

By the way, last weekend I saw some of the Hornady Zombie ammunition at the local gun show for the first time.

Last week I was in charge of our town range and had 4 shooters. One was using an AK 47 in 7.62X39. The shooter was shooting up a lot of regular cheap imported 7.62 X 39 and in her ammo box was a box of Federal Zombie 7.62 X 39 ammo.
Her malecounterpart asked if she wanted to try the Zombie Ammo and was told in no uncertain terms that the Zombie Ammo would not be just blasted away.