Morgantown 2011 Pics


Here are some pics from last week’s Morgantown,PA cartridge show.

Vic Engel (in red) at Bill Gilson’s table.

Some of my dupes.

Danny Deitz, Bill Gilson, Bon Reichenbach.

Randy Walti.

Bill Hartlein and a bunch of “Junior” Duguids.

Some of Fred Butt’s goods.

Darius Brandt on the left, and Joe Sutphin resting his head on Bill Hindin’s back, on the right.

What’s he lookin’ at?!?!?! (Yes, that’s me, but I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. I must have been looking at Joe Sutphin. NatoDave took the pics. I’ll have to ask him what was happening at the time.) Madeline and Karl Bruemmer on the right facing the camera. Guess which is which.

Bill Gilson giving prices to “Senior” Duguid who seems to think they’re funny. Karen Sutphin is in the background looking bored.

Me and Lee Hocker framed by the door, Bill Hartlein in the foreground, and Joe Brancato on the right in white.

Some Canadian guy we let in…Ayde-White, or something.

Rodger Brown’s head, Harris Cohen’s shoulder, Bill Hartlein’s flowered shirt, Bill Hindin’s back, Danny Deitz’s front, Charlie Rathell’s back, and John Scott’s lovely front.


I have no words, only emotion. Excellent show!


Pavel, plan a vacation, you are most welcome any time. If you come we will arrange a special cartridge show!


Looks like an AWESOME Show with so many great items. Thanks so much for posting all the great photos, Jon.



Did anyone else take any pictures from the show? It would be nice to see even more. Looks like a good
show. Wish I could have been there. It would be interesting to name some of the people in the pictures.

Good job, Jon.


OK, John, your wish is my command. I’ll label what/who I can.


In the top two photos, at the very back of the room you can see a blond lady in a white shirt standing beside a semi-bald guy. That would be my wife and me. We left a lot of our money there that day but came home a happy camper. I got several things that I wanted and quite a few things that I didn’t know that I needed.


Thanks, Jon. It is great seeing all the “Ammo Legends” and the ammo! What a great show!