Morgantown,PA show 2012

Here we go…


You got there during a quiet time!

This must be Saturday photos. I notice that the venders have different shirts on than Friday. Friday was pretty busy, at least it was in the morning when we were there. My collection is a little bigger now but my bank account is a lot smaller.

The posted photos prove to me that I am a cartridge collector at heart.

My pulse immediately quickens and I race thru the photos to see what I have missed and always see my pals enjoying the camaraderie of the hunt, trade and the buy/sell…and I end up jealous!! (and mad I can’t get away from work to be there)…rats !!

Thanks for the effort to arrange the show and for posting the photos !

Thanks Vlad for a look into this show…
Look great to me… one day I hope!!!


I want to add that the table with a lot of Japanese stuff is the collection of Thomas Flurchick of N.J. who passed away last year. I think the entire collection is being sold by his wife.

First thanks for posting such great pictures of the show. I have never attended any cartridges show other then SLICS. However if you guys keep posting photos of these other shows I am going to be forced to make it to one of them because I can’t take missing out on all the fun.
Thanks again.

Thanks, Vlad, for the great photos of the show !! Great pictures as always !
I envy all the people that attended. I always enjoyed this show and seeing good people and cartridges !! Thanks to Jon and Dave for the effort !!! M. Rea

Vlad, you did get there a bit later on Saturday. Natodave and Smitty Smith should be posting some Friday pics later (I hope!). We had a great crowd of walk-ins on Friday and mid-Saturday. It was our biggest show yet at 56 tables, and I think we max’d-out the room. There are plans to refurb the room, might be more table room for some of you fence-sitters!
Harrie and Cartguy, we would love for you to come!

Friday pics

Besides the 56 tables, we got 100+ “walk-ins” over the two days of the show.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this show a success. See you next year! Please PM me if you want to be added to the show mailing list.


Wow! Totally awesome! Thank you big time, Vlad and Dave for taking these great pics. Fired-up to see you tomorrow, Vlad :-) The show looks off the charts awesome. Even tables full of large bore specimens. I really like the way the shot shells were displayed on one table in special wood boxes at an angle. Congrats to everyone that must have worked so hard making this happen. The world needs more AMMO SHOWS! :-)