Morgantown show photos

While I was busy spending money buying treasures, my wife decided to take some photos at the Morgantown show this morning.

I think that one day I will see what’s in the box in front of jonny in the first picture…

Some day when I am retired my plan is to go to every cartridge show in the U.S. at least once.
Thanks for posting the pictures.


Ahhhhh, Pivi…that’s my secret stash! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Just so people know, those pics were taken when we opened at 7:30am, and some lazy guys don’t seem to want to get up that early. A bit later all the tables were full and open and we had a very good turn-out today. I hope we get a good little crowd tomorrow morning, and then we’re out about lunch time.

Awesome photos! Thanks big time for posting them. Looks like the show was great!

I really miss not being able to do this show anymore. I always had a great time and, picked up many items for the collection.
Thank you Jon & Dave for continuing to sponsor this show !! M. Rea

Mora, you were missed. And not only did Dave occupy YOUR spot, he even had some broccoli in your honor!

Oh, I almost forgot…Pivi, I did remember to bring the box!

Yes, a great show indeed! All went according to plan for me. (1) Walk through door at 7:30 AM, (2) Turn right, (3) Blast through half of my show budget at NATO Dave’s table…(scored some really nice pre-NATO and experimental 7.62 items!) From there it was all more the pleasure to talk and deal with a great bunch of folks all willing to share their fantastic wealth of knowledge and friendly advice.

Special thanks to Dave and Jon for putting together a really well organized event and to all those who took the time to further enlighten this happy collector. Looking forward to next year!


Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else at the next show(s). We are booked for at least the next 2 years at the same place, same third weekend in August.

Thanks Jon!