Moroccan 7.62x39?

I have an entry on Moroccan made 7.62x39 which shall have the manufacturer ID “MNAM”.

Anybody out there to confirm this?
Do hs images exist?

EOD - I cannot answer your question directly, but I can tell you that I have Moroccan 9 mm Para rounds with MNAM headstamp in my collection. It stands for, in French, “Manufacture Nationale d’Armes et de Munitions.” The ones I have are from 964 (1964) and 968 (1968), so now they are very old. I don’t know if that headstamp is current or not, as the only other Moroccan rounds I have are 9 mm P made in France for them with the headstamp D.G.S.N., standing for “Direction Générale de la Sûreté Nationale.”

John, thanks a lot. So at least the manufacturer is confirmed then!

EOD, here is a pic

Cartridgecorner, thanks! The primer looks quite small. Is that a 7.62x51?

Just for the record, that 7.62 headstamp is the same format as my two 9 mm rounds, and the date is quite contemporary to them. It seems to be an older headstamp, and while for Morocco, possibly not of their manufacture at alI.

In the instance of the 9 mm rounds market D.G.S.N., at least the primed cases were made in France - I am not sure where they were loaded.

Who besides Italy ever used three digit year codes? Does the year format on these “Moroccan” cartridges point anywhere?

I agree that the “7.62” head stamp looks like it’s on a 7.62x51mm cartridge instead of a 7.62x39mm.

Did Morocco even use 7.62x39mm caliber weapons in the 1960’s?


[quote=“cartridgecorner”]EOD, here is a pic

Additional 7.62x51mm headstamps are

MNAM 7.62 968
MNAM 964 The positions of the headstamp suggest that 7.62 is missing either by design or use of a damaged bunter,


Spain also used the three digit date on occasion. Not as much as italy, but I have at least a couple of Spanish pistol cartridges with three-digit dates.

The NATOs could well have been made in Italy. BPD, for one, was actively engaged in North African trade in ammunition. However, I cannot say for sure, in the case of the 9 mm or the NATO rounds, whether or not they were made in Italy. The headstamps look to well struck to be Spanish, judging from contemporary 9 mm Largo rounds I have in my own collection.

The MNAM was created by means of a royal decree dated September 27, 1965 and set up in the city of Fez, capital of the Fès-Boulemane region at north of Morocco. Anyway, cartridges dated 1964 evidence that existed as such before its official establishment.

[quote=“AKMS”]Who besides Italy ever used three digit year codes?

Czarist Russia did and in the last 2-3 years Sudan as well but seems to be off again.

here is the headstamp of a 30-06 cartridge from MNAM dated 1964,
the only known headstamp from MNAM on a 30-06


René, nice headstamp, thanks for sharing.

Production by MNAM didn’t last for very long because already in 1971 it was proposed to restructure this factory to produce industrial products for the civilian market, like two-stroke engines, pneumatic hammers and hydraulic pumps. By 1973 it was renamed Société des Industries Mécaniques et Électriques de Fès (SIMEF).

Maybe that is the reason why I saw on my hunt for Polisario rebel cartridges in the late 70s/early 80s only US and French .30/06 and 7,5x54.