Mortar cartridge? Dnf

Hi everyone,
Who can help me on these?
They seem to be 28 ga shells.
For mortar ignition??
Are these common?

Any help is welcome.

Regards rené

Not “ignition” but primary charges.
These are German ones for the 50mm mortar.

Hi Alex,

Not my thing, so needed the help.
Are these common, or do I have something good here?

Regards rené

Not all that special but always nice to see them in good condition.
All the mortar folks sure will like them.


I couldn’t find my notes on this German mortar launching round, but as is so often the case, there is more going on inside than you’d expect!



Paul, thanks for this one!
The first cutaway I see of these.
What is the headstamp of this one?

Alex - for some reason I did not record the details before sectioning this round. I’ve written to the collector for whom I did this and am still waiting for his reply.


Paul, not speaking of this particular item now but may it be valuable to take photos of a cartridge before it gets cut? In particular of the hs as that will be gone then.
And later you still will have the photos to document your cutaway.
Of course just a thought.

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Paul and Alex, green paper cartridges with this construction are found with R.W.S. 39 5 cm and R.W.S. 40 5 cm headstamp, both with green painted base.