Morter Simulator?


Does anyone know what this is? My guess is some kind of Morter Simulator. It is 138.36mm (5.447 inches) long. the head is 25.16mm (0.991 inch) in diameter. The main body is 20.32mm (0.800 inch) in diameter. Both the head and tail stock unscrew from the body. The head has a hole through it. There are no markings of any kind.


This is just a guess, but I have seen similar items that were described as a training subprojectile for mortars. Kind of like how the penetrater is to a SABOT. So I would also guess it is to simulate mortar practice while reducing expence. I bet it is rare?


Here’s something similar,a Bosnian sub projectile training round for the 120mm mortar.

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That looks allot like the one I have seen called Mortar training sub projectiles. Awesome pic Andy. I am not 100%, but I also think in some cases mortar sub projectiles are also used in tactical situations, not just training?


This one uses aa arrangement similar to the hotchkiss fuze to set off a smoke pellet to show where it has landed.

Going out now,will post pics of it disassembled when I return.

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Looking forward to seeing them. Thanx!


Here we go.


I think I recall reading something about a sub-caliber kit for the US 60mm mortar that launched “bombs” like this with .22 rimfire loads; are there any “chambers” or “firing pins” visible when you disassemble it?


I found this photo in my refference collection of some mortar subprojectiles. I forgot where I found it though, so I can’t id them. I think they are used to simulate mortar firing?



In my 4th pic posted yesterday,you can see the holder for the smoke pellet,this moves forward and strikes the spring which has a spike at the base which sets off the pellet.

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