Mosin case neck difference

anybody can explain neck difference in this mosin cases? Same year production. Different bullet type used?


One cartridge was fired in the wrong firearm???

It was homemade primer hit with some tool (not by me). Case have original shape. All cases witch I got with primer hit like that have this shape. Could they change their shape after firing?

Second, shorter body case looks like fired in M1895 8x50R Mannlicher Chamber…common occurrence in WWI, by both A-H and Tsarist Troops.

Doc AV

One shot (a short neck that took the shape of a chamber), the other - not shot, but with a capsule impaled by some kind of tool (possibly a misfire).

@inertammo Thank you for confirming my suspicions! :)

It is better to compare two unfired samples - the first type of Mosin cartridge with ogival bullet which has a longer neck and lower shoulder against newer production with a pointed bullet in a shorter neck.
The chambers were also different.