Mosin-Nagant magazine question


I got another Mosin-Nagant M91/30 Izhevsk made in 1936, I think it is from Spanish Civil War, it has no importation markings of any kind. While inspecting it, I found a large hole in the back of the magazine in front of the trigger. At first I thought it was a defect but after looking at other Mosin-Nagants, I found all of them with the same hole. It is dark and usually not seen very well because of dark blueing. I undersand that this operture accomodates the locking spring of the magazine. I am surprized by the placement where all the dirt from fingers and other junk on the ground may enter the magazine and jam the spring. Would not spring function without this hole?



Check your email for a link. There is a Mosin Nagant Forum that has a gazillion members. One of them can answer your question and tell you more about Mosins than you’ll ever want to know. I did not realize they were so popular among collectors.