Most recent "LC" .30-06 date?

Today we buried my father-in-law, a Korean War veteran. His honor guard used M-1 Rifles, firing .30-06 blank cartridges with the headstamp “L C 0 4”.
Is this the most recent date known? I know that WWII and Korean War veterans are passing-away in large numbers and the demand for blank cartridges for their funerals is high. Is Lake City currently producing .30-06 blank cartridges for this demand?


There is a thread in the announcements section of this forum that might be of interest to you regarding blanks for funerals.

My condolences on the loss of your father-in-law.
To my knowledge the 2004 date from Lake City is the latest date, as reported to me, though I wouldn’t be surprised if later runs were done. These were for the VFW and American Legion for funerals. They are labeled “M1909” but actually look like the M3 Grenade blank.
Chris P.

Lake City terminated production of .30 cal in the late 1970s, early 1980s…I have both Ball and Blanks with 1970s dates, but NO 1980s, or 90s.

In late 1990s, the requirement for Funeral salute .30/06 blanks was such that the Army procurement section put an order out to tender, and I think AMA of Denmark got the job; it was a small lot, had to be “repacked” to meet US Army etc. packaging rules, and was not repeated; after 2000, Lake City again took up making 30/06 blanks only, using the same drawing dies used for making M82 7,62 Nato Blanks, but sizing them to 30/06 specs.
Cases are star crimped in the same way as the AMA Danish were done (the red lacquered wad of the original M1909/2nd model was found to be a failure as to integrity of seal, especially in high vibration situations (Vehicles, AFVs etc); same reason the M82 Blank was also converted to star crimp seal in the late 1990s.)

All the original machinery for making .30/06 had been disposed of or converted in the 1980s (Plate loaders, dies, etc) so LC had to “make do” with existing 7,62 case making equipment.

I don’t know if the Extractor groove is cut to US .30 Cal profile or to 7,62 Nato profile???

Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Good point about the extractor grooves. I never thought to look at them before. The “L C 0 4” blanks have the 7.62 NATO groove profile, but the
"L C 0 2" blanks I got a few years back have the .30-06 profile. That seems to confuse things a bit…

Is there a “L C 0 3” out there?