Mostly 7.9 Cutaways

From left to right:
7.9 Kurz, aux/39/44/st, 2 primer hole, gm jacket
7.9 Kurz, Dou-/1/45/st, single primer hole, nickel steel jacket
7.9 FN Tracer, FN/38/c and FN/40, red tip
7.9 FN Armor Piercing, FN/38/upside down n, green tip
8mm Polish Tracer, 67/n/37/n, blue tip, (really AP/T)
7.9 Czech Armor Piercing, 19/SB/39/V111…Is there a name for this type of primer?
.303 Tracer K5/45/G6, small white tip
30/40 Krag Multi Ball, FA/6/03
Thanks for looking, Kevin


I assume No. 1 has a GMCS jacket. A GM one would be a sensation.