Mostly Tungsten Cored Armor Piercing Cutaways

Mostly Tungsten cored armor piercing cutaways

.338 Lapua Mag, head stamp T/338LM, Thun Switz., 6.27g tungsten core, on side of case was “6916AP PS 1725”
.300 Win Mag, head stamp T/ 300 win mag, waxed neck, 5.58g tungsten core, on side of case was "12.7g AP 06-B6"
7.62x51, head stamp 8/070/5, FFV NAMMO Sweden, 5.94 tungsten core, Black tip
7.62x51, head stamp T/09, hardened steel penetrator in gliding metal boot, on side of case was "Penetrator 80PS"
5.56mm, head stamp FN/68 Belgium hardened steel core, black tip
5.56mm, head stamp LM/87, France experimental, 1.04g tungsten penetrator, black tip
5.56mm, head stamp LM/4-84/5.56, France experimental, .69g tungsten penetrator, black tip
.30 carbine, head stamp FA/45, steel core AP, black tip

As always a "Fantastic Job"
Jack Wells

Charles. J. Wells (Jack)
Sgt. Maj. USA. Ret.

Once again very good work!
Thank you for sharing.
I have one of those FFV cartridges, interesting to see how it looks on the inside. Expected a smaller, thinner core backed by lead.
If you don’t mind me asking, how exactly do you cut «around» the wolfram cores? Looks like you did a very neat job around those tiny, sudden angles.

  • Ole

That one is the RUAG HC AP round, based on a French design used by the French Army as a machine-gun round (RUAG bought the rights to the design)