Motts Military Museum, Columbus, Ohio


This is a small private collection
Unfortunately, photography is forbidden indoors, so all my pics are nice and sunny. The collection is mostly personal possessions of donors. A lot of Indian stuff, Civil War (Américain), WWI and WWII. I remember a Civil War torpedo which is actually an underwater mine anchored 3 feet below the surface with 2 actuator sticks on top so if anything go over it…boom. A shirt made out of escape silk maps in WWII. Also a small “museum within museum” dedicated to Edward Rickenbacker, a name in WWI history and American car manufacturing and racing. Stop by if you are in Buckeye state.


and, until recently, home of one of the “Govinator’s” tanks…the one he served in while in the Austrian Army.


You are one of the best Museum and show photo documenters, Sksvlad :-) Awesome! I love museum pics.



Nice to look all that great stuff…

thanks Vlad!!