Mountain & Sowden Ltd

Does anyone have a price list or information on brass cases made for this British firm? I have seen their headstamp in .455 Mk II, but I wonder if it is found in other calibers.

I have .455 and 38 SPL casing by them.

Curtis, thanks for the information. I just noticed that I have one of their ads mentioning .357 Magnum cases.

I was a frequent customer of Mountain & Sowden. They tended to be a “job lots” sort of company. Certainly in the advert I had before me (Sept 94) there is no mention of own brand cases but I do remember the headstamp very well. They would only ever have catered for the main few calibres. They mainly sold once fired cases.
I have a nagging recollection they sold their own loaded ammo for a short while. They, along with a lot of others, disappeared after the handgun ban. I remember their closing down sale.