Movie Headstamps

Just saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie today. Really liked it, and there were a couple of quick cartridge clips. Keep in mind that the story takes place in 1891.

  1. Some guys were loading a belt of .303 MkVII ball into a Maxim MG. The cases had a distinct HXP headstamp!
  2. The sharp-shooting assassin was loading some kind of a dart into what looked like a 7.62x39 case, and then into a cane gun. They showed the headstamp quickly but I couldn’t catch it. Looked like a commercial .45 ACP, but couldn’t be sure. I hope one of you digital geniuses can get a still when they become available.
    Oh, they also had full-auto M96 Mauser pistols…in 1891.
    Still, all in all, a good movie.

Thinking about it, the headstamp on the “dart” cartridge might have been HOWITZER.

It’s been a very long time since I saw it, but didn’t the old Burt Reynolds-Liza Minnelli movie “Lucky Lady”, set in the 1920’s also feature a full-auto C96 Mauser? Also a lot of Lewis Gun action in it. And of course a Purdey double gun. Worth watching just for the gunplay.