Movie in which Tokarev cartridge reigns supreme

I just watched “So weit die Füße tragen” (As far as my feet will carry me),
What an exquisite exotic tour de force, as far as I could count the only shots fired were Tokarev 7.62x25, even though from different types of guns.

  • Another WW2 movie (based on a true story) is named “Defiance” (2008). There is plenty of action and a large variety of weapons are used, including the Russian TT-33 pistol and the PPSh-41 submachine-gun (both firing the potent 7.62X25 rimless Tokarev cartridge). There is one mistake: the 7.62mm Mosin-Nagant M44 bolt-action rifle is also used in the movie but since the action takes place in 1941 and early 1942, this was not accurate. Liviu 11/08/09

The movie “The Cross of Iron” has a good amount of PPSH-41 firing, including a slow motion sequence where you can clearly see the empty brass cases ejecting, flying through the air and falling to the ground. If you have a good enough TV, you might be able to see a headstamp…not really, but it is a good scene.